Study Terms & Condition

1.Manthan will direct the respondents by a link provided by it, to the client's questionnaire(s).

2. Respondents will be directed to a Manthan website after having filled out the questionnaire. If a respondent reaches this website and the client does not claim incompleteness with the next daily update, Manthan shall pay the respondent and charge the full incentive to the client.

3. When a respondent is screened out in the questionnaire, he will be redirected to a website of Manthan.

4. When all the required online surveys are finished, any respondent(s) that try to log in to that survey will be redirected to a website of Manthan.

5. Protection of respondent privacy: All respondents contact data (name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and Identifiers like ME Number or NPI number etc.) shall not be asked in the questionnaire or outside of it and shall remain exclusively with Manthan. Contact details of participating respondents will not be revealed by Manthan at any stage (except for AER requirements).

6. The client will take care that the online survey questionnaire is available during the whole length of the fieldwork. If the survey link shuts down or for any reason is not available, the previously agreed upon project timelines will have to be adjusted accordingly.

7. The questionnaire presented to the respondent(s) will be unbranded and/or also branded with Manthan information and no reference to the length of the questionnaire or incentives should be mentioned in the questionnaire.

8. No links to external websites should be present in the questionnaire.

9. Manthan should be able to see the questionnaire before it invites the respondent(s) to complete the corresponding survey.

10. If the access to the questionnaire is not closed by the client after the quota is fulfilled, Manthan will charge full remuneration along with the respondent's incentive for each additional completed online survey.

11. Any delays of/culminating in more than 10 working days beyond the anticipated release date of the questionnaire/screening documentation may result in Manthan retracting their offer to run this fieldwork if this creates a resource scheduling issue that adversely affects Manthan to operate any other concurring projects - all steps will however be taken to avoid this situation occurring by all parties involved.

12. If fieldwork progress is delayed for any reason (such as restrictive screening criteria etc.) and we believe it may not be possible to complete the full sample using our panels alone, then Manthan reserves the right to seek assistance from third party agencies first, and to utilise whichever third party agencies that it sees fit to assist on the fieldwork.

13. The project pricing, timelines and feasibility are based upon the exact details mentioned in the quotation request. Any deviation from those details after the start of the survey fielding may lead to increases in the cost and/or timings or the cancellation of the fieldwork by Manthan.

14. Where the incidence rate is not available in the project request details, Manthan will proceed with the assumption that the incidence rate is a minimum of 50-60% and base the cost and timings accordingly.

15. Pre-screening of all respondents will be undertaken by Manthan prior to the start of the fieldwork and will be based upon the exact qualifying criteria of the study. Should the results of this pre-screening indicate that the actual incidence rate of qualification for the study is significantly lower than that mentioned in the quotation request, then Manthan reserves the right to increase the costs and/or timings for the fieldwork, or the cancellation of the fieldwork completely. In the event of cancellation, Manthan reserves the right to charge for any operative costs incurred to that point, including, but not limited to, set-up costs, recruitment costs and/or any incentive costs.

16. Manthan reserves the right to deny the fielding of any research study based on content that either breaks international law or is deemed inappropriate or offensive to research participants.

17. The prices mentioned in this quotation are valid for 60days.

18. All deliverables by Manthan shall be deemed to be accepted on the 7th day from the actual delivery date unless the Customer provides feedback in writing defining the element of the Delivery Not Accepted and the specific reasons for such non-acceptance.

19. Manthan has its own honoraria payment policies including mode of payment (cash, cards, checks, bank transfers, vouchers, points etc.). These are subject to individual market regulations & requirements and specific project needs. The honoraria mentioned would be the maximum honoraria paid and may be graded for efficiency.

20. Sunshine Act Compliance.

21. Compliance to CASRO guidelines.

Payment Terms

22. 50% advance on commissioning of the project, payable immediately

23. Other invoices are to be paid 30days after the end of the fieldwork/invoice being submitted.

24. Invoices not paid within 30days shall attract additional charges of two percent (2%) per month.

25. Payment to Manthan shall be made by wire instruction as mentioned on the invoice.

26. Remittance charges shall be borne by the customer.

27. All assumptions/conditions mentioned in this quotation need to form part of the commissioning mail as well as of the contract.

28. Please contact your account representative from Manthan for detailed invoicing information including payment schedule.

Unless agreed otherwise & documented, the above standard terms & conditions apply to all projects. For any further details please contact our Program Management Office at