m-panels is a strong community of 1.0 mm+ healthcare professionals across 30+ countries. We do profiling on 750+ specialties & sub-specialties. We cover physicians, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, hospital personnel, key decision makers, KOLs across all major therapy areas:

Major Therapy Areas Coverage

Cardiovascular Dermatology Infectious Diseases CNS & Neurology
Substance abuse & dependency Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, Eczema Anti-Viral/Influenza Neuro degenerative diseases
Anti Hypertensives & ACE inhibitors Acne & Rosacea Immune Diseases, HPV Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
Angiotensin receptor blocker Non Melanoma, melanoma Sexual Dysfunction, Menopause Multiple Sclerosis
Beta blockers, anti dyslipidemics; Wounds and Wound dressing Erectile Dysfunction Stroke, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Anti thromobitcs, Oral anti platelets Cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers Trageted, Immuno or Viral Therapies Pain & Migraine, Injury Trauma
Oral anti-coagulants Anti-ageing procedures HIV/AIDS  
Pace-makers, Coronory stents Laser Treatments Hormonal Therapies  

Allergy & Immunology Pediatrics Oncology Dentistry
Allergy Vaccines, Childhood obesity Non-small cell lung cancer Oral care
Asthma Behavioral disorders Prostate Cancer Cosmetic dental surgery
Cold/Flu Allergy & Respiratory Kidney cancer Implants based dental reconstruction
  Pediatric Oncology Thoracic Cancer  

Profiling Capabilities

By demographic: Age, Gender, Graduation year (years in practice), Province, Major markets, Dr. IDs

By practice: Office, Hospital, Research, Teaching

By data availability (in-country): IMS Rx, IMS Promotion, Wolters Kluwer etc.

The m-panels ADVANTAGE

Data quality:
Authenticated and highly reliable data for panel quality
Feasibility: Full-time feasibility team of healthcare experts
Operational excellence: Real-time SLAs, using data integrity and security measures
ROI: Deep domain expertise and marketing intelligence
Cost-effective: Value added at a competitive price